Breaking out of iTunes

Since I got my "new" hand-me-down smart phone, I've been listening to a lot of podcasts. The phone is smart enough to use only my home wifi to update and download episodes, and the player keeps track of which ones I've read. This is so useful, in contrast to the music player, that I found it works better to keep my audiobooks on my home server and write a quick hack to serve them up as podcast feeds. But mostly I use podcasts like radio programs. Unfortunately, some podcasts are available only through iTunes. This makes sense if they cost money, but, for example, the NASA Lunar Science Institute has a free podcast which is only available through iTunes.

Fortunately it seems that the way these places get the data to iTunes is by serving up a standard RSS feed, which iTunes then wraps up in its proprietary glop. But Michael Sitarzewski helpfully put together a script that can extract the location of the original RSS from iTunes. So, for instance, you can subscribe to the NLSI podcast here. Very nice.

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