Ghetto apple crumble

I made a surprisingly successful apple crumble today. Apple crumble, as you may know, is basically apples with sugar and cinnamon, with a topping of butter, flour, oatmeal, and sugar, all in about equal quantities. Almost idiot-proof. So why "surprisingly successful"? Well, my oven died halfway through (in fact after preheating but before the crumble went in). It turns out you can microwave an apple crumble and it's fine. Who knew?

Recipe below.

  • Five apples, peeled and diced. Granny Smith are good for a bit of tartness to balance the sweet crumble. (Peeling is technically optional but the peel makes for an awkward texture.)
  • 5 mL cinnamon.
  • 100 mL sugar.
  • a little butter.
  • 125 mL brown sugar (white will do fine).
  • 125 mL rolled oats.
  • 125 mL flour.
  • 100 mL butter.
  • a mL or two of vanilla.
Put the apples in a deep baking dish, sprinkle the sugar and cinnamon on top and shake a bit; scrape a little butter on top.

In a bowl, add the crumble ingredients. In the likely case that the butter is hard, microwave it for a few seconds to soften it up. Mix the ingredients together; you should get a crumbly mass. Pack it in on top of the filling.

Microwave on 50% for fifteen to twenty minutes; when it's ready the top layer will have sunk somewhat because the apples will have softened. As it cools the crumble on top will harden somewhat.

Serve hot or cold. Particularly good with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

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