French word of the day: bidouilleurs

A brief comment about background: I was born in Montreal, which is supposedly the third-largest French-speaking city in the world after Paris and Kinshasa, but as a result of family history and linguistic segregation (which has some nasty history) I grew up speaking English. These days I work in English, like most scientists, but I speak a lot of French socially. So from time to time I come across a neat French word. I think it might be good for my general education to post little comments on them here.

There's going to be a mini Maker faire here in Montreal at the end of the summer. Neat! But what caught my eye was that it seems the French word for "maker" is "bidouilleur". So what? you ask. The French word "bidule" is a kadigan roughly equivalent in meaning and seriousness to the English "thingamajig", so a bidouilleur (or bidouilleuse!) is someone who operates on thingamajigs. Which is pretty accurate, really. 


mvc said...

donc t'es une bidouilleuse qui bidouilles des bidons ben bon ?

Anne Archibald said...

bien, hier j'ai fini ma première bidouille et je vais l'envoyer à ma soeur.