Climate Change

I came across an interesting site the other day. It's videotaped lectures of a course on climate change, offered as a general science course (i.e. for non-science majors, who are required to take some number) at the University of Chicago. I'm not entirely happy with the way he handled quantum mechanics, but for the purposes of the course he does a fine job. And the later material in the course was all new to me - he talks about climate models, how you'd build one and what goes into one. The course is, quite sensibly, mostly about climate science, leaving discussions of what can be done about climate change almost entirely aside.


jstults said...

I like his presentation software that lets him ask the students a multiple choice and he gets a real-time feedback on what they're thinking; kind of neat.

Anne M. Archibald said...

Yes, those "clickers" are now available at my university as well. The idea, I think, is to try to acknowledge all the educational research that says that traditional lectures aren't very effective by making them a little more interactive. I don't know how much they help, but it's certainly worth a try.