Old-school UNIX nerdery

I've never owned a Windows machine, or a Mac. It's not that I'm particularly hardcore about open source, it's just that I got used to a command line back in the old VIC-20/DOS/DesqView days and never really got away from it. Our undergrad computer network was very convenient, but made up of about four flavours of UNIX, and in fact they had a load-distributing program at login that meant your initial login was not just to a random machine but to a random UNIX flavour. Somehow the IT folks made this work tolerably well. After a few years of that, when I finally got a home computer, I chose to run Linux on it.

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I for one welcome our new robot overlords

Fantastic Adventures 1941 Jan cover A common theme in science fiction is the idea that robots will take over our world. This doesn't seem very likely, but suppose it were to happen. What would the first steps look like? How would we first begin to notice that it was happening?

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